Moving Container

Manageable, Affordable Solutions

Our moving containers are the perfect size measuring 8’ deep x 8’ tall by 5’ wide. Each container will hold approximately 1.5 rooms of furniture with a capacity of 2000lbs.
These easy to use storage containers open at ground level access for easy loading and moving.

At Spaces we only charge you for what you use so you can reserve 6 and if you don’t fill all 6 vaults we will not bill you. We will take the extra vault away at no extra charge to you.

All Season Containers

Our portable storage units can be used in any weather. We will also supply tarps to be put over your vault to keep any excess moisture  from seeping in. You can even keep the covered vaults at your home or work site for continued use.

How Do We Keep Your Items Secure?

There are two ways that we keep your items secured. The first is how we operate our machines and transport the containers from place to place. To move the actual vault when empty or full we use a Moffett. This machine is designed to carry the weight of the portable storage unit and transport our vaults safely and easily.

The second way we keep your items secure is by ensuring you have a lock in your vault. You can supply your own lock or purchase a lock from us. Either way we highly recommend that you lock your vault.

We will do our best to keep your items safe on the move and while in storage.